8 NOV 2023
8 NOV 2023

We held our 3rd Breakfast Sharing Session

8 NOV 2023

We held our 3rd Breakfast Sharing Session on the 8th Nov 2023 at M Hotel. The event was attended by companies representing petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants and pharmaceutical plants, as well as officials from NEA and EDB.

There has been increasing focus on decarbonization and we have shared our views on

  • legislative requirements such as EnMS or ISO50001 and Energy Performance Reporting have to be met, why not take advantage of the framework imposed to achieve continuous improvement in energy performance
  • there has been increasing implementation of EMIS as companies see the value of such systems
  • Carbon Tax of $25/ton starts next year and together with the resultant higher cost of electricity, economic feasibility windows shift for previously unattractive EE retrofits (e.g. ORC for power generation, STG for power generation, Heat Pump for steam generation)
  • New oncoming ECA legislation such as MEES for Chilled Water Systems places a demand for compliance checks by affected companies.
  • Companies are getting battle ready with Roadmaps for Net Zero as ESG Compliance Disclosures become increasingly important.
  • Carbon Footprint Assessment (Scope 1/2/3) are in demand