Actsys has extensive experience in carrying out feasibility studies for process improvement and the subsequent front end engineering design for project development. Such improvement studies include debottlenecking throughput constraints, enhancing product yields and improving energy efficiency.

Steps Involved in a Process Improvement Study

  • Develop Heat and Mass balance simulation model of the plant based on test run data to determine actual plant performance and which can be used to establish new plant retrofit operating conditions.
  • Identify constraints due to hydraulic limitations, distillation column vapour and liquid maximum loading, compressor speed range, furnace bridge-wall temperatures, etc.
  • Determine process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation scope of work in order to carry out preliminary cost estimation.
  • Carry out cost benefit analysis based on cost reduction or improved margin benefits.
  • Follow through with Basic Engineering for feasible projects.

Use of Chilled Water Exchangers to Supplement Interstage
Cooling of an Air Compressor

Use of Chilled

Our Deliverables:

  • Process modelling to establish heat and mass balances.
  • Techno-commercial feasibility evaluation of the proposal.
  • Establishing the basis of design with front end engineering package.
  • Preliminary project cost estimates.
  • Providing the complete evaluation package for Financial Investment Decision (FID) approval and the Invitation to Bid (ITB) package for the prospective EPC Contractors.
  • Providing hands-on training for the customer’s engineers on the calculation and analysis procedures so as to help build capacity for the customer’s engineers.
Our Deliverables