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Our extensive track record and rich experience in process improvement projects, feasibility studies, energy auditing for improvement opportunities and the implementation of online energy management/performance monitoring systems puts us in a unique position to working credibly with your process engineering and operational teams to drive for better plant performance and increased profitability.

When they are well designed and properly implemented, improvement retrofits can deliver step changes in plant performance. However, we also believe that a lot can be done to achieve better performance just by good operations and proper maintenance. We help plants to harvest such low hanging fruits by first identifying them and thereafter to continuously track them with online monitoring systems. It is our firm view that such information systems are key to achieving a performance-oriented culture in the organization.


Started up in 2001, we are a Singapore based company comprising of experienced engineers with process, maintenance and operating experience in the refining, gas processing, petrochemical and power generation industries. Check out our Senior Team.


MECIP Global Engineers Malaysia (Oil & Gas Project Engineering).

PT MTS Indonesia (Maintenance Technology Services).

Dilogue Services Saudi Arabia (Specialist Maintenance Services).

Equinox Software and Services Pvt. Ltd.

CSE Global Ltd Singapore (Systems Integration).

CRTsoft Company Ltd Beijing (Asset Performance Monitoring Software).


Since 2005, we are a Nationally Accredited Energy Service Company for the Power, Refining and Petrochemical Industries under Singapore National Environmental Agency – Energy Sustainability Unit.

With effect from February 2019, we also have EEOA Energy Efficiency Opportunity Assessors certified by the Singapore National Environmental Agency and Institute of Engineers Singapore.



Our Online Performance Monitoring software ACTSYS@ONE™ encapsulates our domain expertise, energy auditing methodologies and years of experience (since 2005) of implementing online performance monitoring software and how to get it right. Find out more.

Utilities Optimization
Utilities Optimization

Manufacturing plants which have multiple steam headers, different steam producers, own power generation and electric motor or steam turbine driven equipment typically face a…

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Online Dashboards
Online Dashboards

These will be pre-configured based on customer requirements or user configurable to show the calculated online results from the system in accordance to the levels and drilldowns as shown in the diagram…

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Tackling the energy and emission challenges of Process Industries requires strong domain knowledge and a sound understanding of thermodynamic concepts. We have deep domain knowledge of Refineries, Petrochemical Plants and Power Plants which we combine with the use of process and thermodynamic simulation software modelling to work on a wide range of plants helping them to improve their efficiency and profitability.

These enable us to carry out accurate analysis of performance gaps through rigorous modelling of equipment and processes. We also make use of data visualization tools to spot systemic problems especially for systems which cannot be rigorously modelled.

Energy Audit
Energy Audit

Energy Audit is an evaluation of the energy performance of a process, plant or a facility through analysis of the energy flows with an objective to reduce the overall energy consumption of the plant.

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Power Plant Efficiency
Power Plant Efficiency

Efficiency-driven performance monitoring of power plant equipment has become critical in the face of increased competition and regulatory pressure to mitigate carbon emissions.

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Process Improvement Studies
Process Improvement Studies

Actsys has extensive experience in carrying out feasibility studies for process improvement and the subsequent front end engineering design for project development. Such improvement studies include…

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iso 50001 Advisory
ISO 50001 Advisory

With amendments to Singapore’s Energy Conservation Act, facilities that consume more than 54 TJ/ year must adopt and implement a structured Energy Management System by 2021. A structured Energy…

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Our extensive track-record in conducting energy optimization studies and implementing online systems for energy performance monitoring allows us to keep abreast of best-practices and current technology trends in the process manufacturing industry with regards to improving overall plant energy performance.


Comprehensive energy audit of the Chemical Complex at Tasnee…

Conduct a comprehensive energy assessment and pinch analysis of the chemical units within the…


Process Engineering for Detailed Engineering Package of a Crude…

Provide the Process Engineering Package as part of the Detailed Engineering of a Crude Topping Unit in…


Performance Investigation of a Suspect Condenser in a Coal Fired Power Plant…

To quantify the Performance of a suspect Condenser in a Coal Fired Power Plant…


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8 Nov 2023

We held our 3rd Breakfast Sharing Session on the 8th Nov 2023 at M Hotel….

Actsys has entered into partnership with Beijing based CRTsoft
August 2023

Actsys has entered into partnership with Beijing based CRTsoft Co. Ltd…

26 June 2023

Actsys MD Mr Norman Lee has been appointed as a member of the Expert…

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We held our 2nd Breakfast Sharing Session on the 11th Nov 2022 at Shenton Room…

April 2021

Actsys has entered into partnership with CSE Global in the delivery of its Online…

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Actsys MD Mr Norman Lee has been appointed as a member of the Expert…