With amendments to Singapore’s Energy Conservation Act, facilities that consume more than 54 TJ/ year must adopt and implement a structured Energy Management System by 2021. A structured Energy Management System is critical for an organisation to:

  • Meet regulatory requirements concerned with the facility’s energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 10% by first 12 months
  • Reinforce positive management behaviour towards energy management

Actsys has a strong track record in industrial energy efficiency advisory having served a wide range of industries and Actsys’ experts are well-versed with the implementation of Online Energy Management system Software and the ISO50001 framework for industrial facilities.

A systematic gap analysis approach for implementation of a structured EMS

A Gap Analysis against the ISO50001 requirement checklist is the starting point towards organization-wide alignment for ISO50001 implementation. The Gap Analysis would enable the organization to understand its current challenges and the steps that need to be undertaken in the process of establishing a sound energy management framework.

ISO50001 Advisory

A typical ISO50001 Gap Analysis for an organization looks as follows:

ISO50001 Energy Management System
Gap Analysis

The blue shaded region denotes the level of conformance to the standards requirements for each of the energy management aspects.

Gap Analysis

Our Deliverables:

Actsys can assist in an upfront assessment of the facilities’ current energy management practices by:

  • Conducting a Gap Analysis against the requirement of ISO50001
  • Recommending necessary steps that need to be taken to close those gaps
  • Assisting in preparation of a project plan and
  • Guiding you through all the required steps for a successful implementation of the ISO50001