As a complement to our consultancy services to improve plant performance, we can also help our customers 24/7 by implementing a software platform for Online Plant Performance Monitoring. ACTSYS@ONE™ continuously determines and prioritizes performance gaps for prompt corrective action. It has been developed based on the methodologies that we employ in energy audits and plant performance monitoring.

How ACTSYS@ONE™ facilitates the Implementation of ISO50001

The diagram below shows an example of the holistic approach for Energy Management Systems. All the elements of ISO50001 are shown on the vertices of the polygon and those circled are directly realized with the proper implementation of an Online Energy Management System.


Our Value Proposition

We have been implementing Online Energy Management System dashboards since 2006 and through customer feedback and Post Implementation Reviews we have a wealth of knowhow and experience in terms of what works and is organizationally sustainable versus the danger of such systems becoming white elephant black boxes.

Check out the value proposition and how ACTSYS@ONE™ can help your organization achieve Best in Class Industry 4.0 Performance.


In Depth Analysis of all Performance Parameters

Every online performance monitoring project is preceded by an extensive tooth combing analysis of the plant’s Process Flow Schemes to identify all parameters that would affect the performance of the plant. Hence for an EMS Energy Management System, this would include all the SEUs Significant Energy Users and associated operating parameters that determine their energy usage. An example of SEUs is shown in the diagram below.

Desktop analyses of the historical data for all the SEUs will be carried out in order to fully comprehend their actual performance, operating constraints and corresponding optimized targets will be calculated with the use of simulation models and equipment design performance curves.

This work will be captured in Performance Parameter Datasheets which are fully discussed with the Plant’s technical and operational teams. Needless to say, the quality and completeness of this work forms the foundation of a good Online Performance Monitoring System.

Software Faq

Manufacturing plants which have multiple steam headers, different steam producers, own power generation and electric motor or steam turbine driven equipment typically face a challenge to operate in a operationally reliable and minimum cost configuration.Also, it is important to take into account of the energy efficiency of the systems that use the different energy while making decision to prioritize the different usage. For example, use of high-cost fuel in high efficiency boiler with low auxiliary power consumption could be more economical compared to using of low-cost fuel in lower efficiency boiler with higher auxiliary power consumption. Some examples of the application of such optimization analysis are
  • Choice of operational equipment when steam drive turbo drives are available as an alternative to electric motor driven drives.
  • Choice of operational equipment when electric chillers are available as an alternative to steam used vapour absorption chillers.
  • Choice of operational loading of different heating/cooling equipment that utilizes the different energy sources and technology.
  • Choice and loading of Power Generation equipment such as Gas Turbines that are in different states of degradation or fired on different fuels, Steam Turbine Generators that are back pressure or condensing
  • Choice of power import or export
Systematic assessment of individual energy cost together with understanding of end use energy efficiency of various equipment at various operating conditions is essential for establishing the optimized operating scenario. Such operational optimization demands rigorous analysis and necessitates usage of appropriate simulation analysis technique. Comprehensive analysis of whole plant/system is essential to perform various “what-if” scenarios taking into account the heat and mass balance interactions between utilities.
Multiple “what-ifs” are run to determine the combination of utilities and equipment loading that give the minimum cost (fuel, power and water treatment) operation. ACTSYS@ONE™ has an Online Utilities Optimizer that facilitates such decision-making by operators to choose the right operating mode for utilities equipment that minimizes utilities consumption without compromising process conditions. In addition to Online runs to provide continuous advice to Operations, the Utilities Optimizer can also be run in an Offline mode for What-If studies.
These will be pre-configured based on customer requirements or user configurable to show the calculated online results from the system in accordance to the levels and drilldowns as shown in the diagram below.Online-Ems
These are produced with user preconfigured templates of Energy Performance Results showing tables and trends, for user specified periods. They are in Word file format and editable for users to enter accompanying narratives.
The following features of ACTSYS@ONE™ are shown in the table below and we invite you to contact us for a demo of the system.